Greene County Historical & Genealogical Society
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Owner: P. O. Box 121, 320 West Main St., Paragould, AR 72451-0121

About Our Society

In 1933, the Crowley’s Ridge Historical Society was formed to preserve the history of eight northeastern Arkansas counties. At that time, J.M. Futrell was nominated as president, with H.I. Ponder as vice-president, and George M. Moreland as historian. Unfortunately, no records survived.

In 1964, the Greene County Historical and Genealogical Society was founded by locals with a passion for history. Mrs. W.L. “Dot” Skaggs, Mrs. R.P. Calvert and Mrs. Pearl Morrow -- all natives of Greene County-- played a pivotal roles in the organization of the society.

The first officers were: Raymond Frey, president; Alfred Holland, vice-president; Mrs. W.L. Skaggs, secretary; and J.W. Thompson, treasurer. The membership committee included Mrs. Pearl Morrow and J. Sam Thompson. Over time however, lack of interest and dwindling membership forced the Society to disband. The rise of the nonprofit organization was reestablished in September of 1987 under the new title of The Greene County Historical and Genealogical Society. Officers were: Dr. Bennie Mitchell, president; Dr. Omer E. Bradsher, vice-president; Mary Esther Herget, second vice-president; Dawn Linden, secretary; and Barbara Hazzard, treasurer.

In 2005 the Society was granted non-profit status by the IRS and so all donations are tax deductible. The Greene County Historical & Genealogical Society houses more than 200 members; we publish nine newsletters and four quarterlies each year.


As a nonprofit organization, the volunteers who kindly give their time to The Greene County Historical & Genealogical Society are the backbone of this organization. 

Currently, members consist of officers and boards members that are as follows : Melinda Dixon, president; Paulette Parker, vice president programs; Judy Routon, vice president membership; Jo Ann Wright, recording secretary; Carol Tomlinson, corresponding secretary, Kaye Holmes, treasurer;  and Cynthia Starling and Jim Burgess, advisory board members.

Our Mission

“To preserve, publish, educate and make available as much Greene County Arkansas historical and familial information as possible.”